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Our Coaches

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Fouad Alzaibak
General Manager
 Head Coa
ch 2014 (U10) Boys Elite


Tim Cullity
Assistant Boys Director of Coaching
Tournament Director
Assistant Coach 2016 (U8) Boys
Head Coach 2013 (U11) 
Girls Pre-National Elite
Head Coach 2011 (U13) Girls Pre-Impact Elite


Brandon Martins
Recruitment Director 
Head Coach 2015 (U9) Boys Premier Green
Head Coach 2014 (U10) Boys Premier

Assistant Coach 2014 (U10) Boys Elite
Head Coach 2012 (U12) Boys Pre-Academy Elite
Head Coach 2008 (HS) Girls Elite


David Leahy
Technical Director
Head Coach 2010 (U14) Boys Pre-Academy Elite
Head Coach 2006 (HS) Boys

Head Coach 2012 (U12) Girls Pre-Impact Elite

IMG_4453 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Niamh Quilligan
Director of Youth Development
Head Coach 2015 (
U9) Boys Elite
Head Coach 2016 (U8) Girl

Head Coach 2013 (U11) Girls Club
Head Coach 2010 (U14) Girls Pre-Impact Elite


Cory hatch
Staff Coach
Head Coach 2013 (U11) Boys Premier
Assistant Coach 2016 
(U8) Girls 
Head Coach 2014 (U10) Girls Elite
Head Coach 2010 (U14)
 Girls Premier


steve McCoy
Staff Coach
Head Coach 2013 (U11) Boys Pre-National Elite
Head Coach 2015 (
U9) Girls Elite
Assistant Coach 2011 (U13) Girls Pre-Impact Elite
Head Coach 2009 (U15) Girls Pre-Impact Elite 



Aja Amontea
Assistant Coach 2008 (HS) Girls Elite


Katie cafferty

Head Coach 2015 (U9) Girls Premier

Head Coach 2012 (U12) Girls Premier



Doug Price
Head Coach 2012 (U12) Boys Premier


Sean Quirk
Assistant Coach 2012 (U12) Girls Pre-Impact Elite
Assistant Coach 2010 (U14) Girls Pre-Impact Elite
Assistant Coach 2008 (HS) Girls Elite


Luca Curatola
Head Coach 2014 (U10) Boys Club 
Head Coach 2015 (U9) Girls Green
Head Coach 2014 (U10) Girls Club


John Fontes
Assistant Coach 2013 (U11) Girls Premier
Assistant Coach 2011 (U13) Girls Premier


Dan Duran


Alex Shanley
Head Coach 2013 (U11) Boys Club
Assistant Coach 2010 (U14) Boys Pre-Academy Elite
Assistant Coach 2010 (U14) Girls Premeire


Stephanie ZIDE
Head Coach 2014 (U10) Girls Premier
Head Coach 2011 (U13) Girls Premier

Davies, Charlie_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Charlie Davies
Head Coach 2016 (U8) Boys Elite


Charlie Chisholm
Assistant Coach 2012 (U12) Boys Pre-Academy Elite
Assistant Coach 2010 (U14) Boys Pre-Academy Elite


Alves, Zach_edited.jpg

ZacK Alves
Assistant Coach 2015 (U9) Boys Elite
Head Coach
2015 (U9) Boys Premier Orange
Head Coach 2013 (U11) Girls Premier

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