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Guy Reynolds

Director of Coaching

Head Coach Boys 2010 Elite (U11)

Head Coach Girls 2007 NPL (U14)

Head Coach Girls 2003 Elite (U18)

Fouad Alzaibak

General Manager

Head Coach Boys 2009 Elite (U12)

Asst. Coach Boys 2004 Elite (U17)

Darren Lloyd

Technical Director

Head Coach Boys 2011 Elite (U10)

Head Coach Girls 2008 Elite (U13)

Asst. Coach Boys 2005 Elite (U16)


Tim Cullity

Tournament Director

Head Coach Girls 2011 Elite (U10)

Head Coach Boys 2008 Premier (U13)

Head Coach Boys 2006 Elite (U15)

Asst. Coach Boys 2011 Elite (U10)


Aja Amontea

Head Coach Girls 2006 Elite (U15)


David Leahy

Staff Coach

Head Coach Boys 2005 Elite (U16)

Head Coach Girls 2012 Elite  (U9)

Head Coach Boys 2010 Premier (U11)


Doug Price

Head Coach Boys 2009 Premier (U12)

Head Coach Boys 2012 Premier (U9)

Asst. Coach Boys 2008 Elite (U12)

Kerry Fogarty

Asst. Coach Girls 2003 Elite (U18)


John Pomar

Head Coach Boys 2007 Elite (U14)

Head Coach Girls 2004 Elite (U17)


Dan Duran

Asst. Coach Girls 2009 Elite (U12)

Asst. Coach Girls 2006 Elite (U15)


Niamh Quilligan

Head Coach Girls 2010 Elite (U11)

Head Coach Girls 2007 Premier (U14)

Head Coach  Girls 2005 Elite (U16)

james everet

Head Coach Boys 2011 Premier (U9)

Head Coach Girls 2010 Premier (U10)

Head Coach Girls 2009 Elite (U11)

Asst. Coach Girls 2004 Elite (U16)


Keiron O'Brien

Head Coach Boys 2008 Elite (U13)


Jason Morgan

Asst. Coach Girls 2007 NPL (U14)

Brandon Martins

Recruitment Director

Head Coach Boys 2012 Elite (U9)

Head Coach Girls 2012 Premier (U9)

Asst. Coach Girls 2005 Premier (U16)

Asst. Coach Boys 2007 Elite (U14)


Ken Carlin

Head Coach Boys 2004 Elite (U17)

Chris Mullen

Head Coach Boys 2003 Elite (U18)

Sean Quirk

Asst. Coach Girls 2010 Elite (U11)

nica bernardo

Asst. Coach 2010 Girls Elite (U11)

Asst. Coach 2012 Girls Premier

Asst. Coach 2007 Girls Premier

Jason Ingargiola

Head Coach Girls 2005 Premier (U16)

Rick Friedel

Asst. Coach Boys 2003 Elite (U18)


Kristen Neumann

Asst. Coach Girls 2004 Elite (U16)

Charlotte Maurer

Head Coach 2011 Girls Elite

Head Coach 2007 Girls Premier

Asst. Coach 2008 Girls Premier

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Club Soccer

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The purpose of club soccer is to provide opportunity for youth players to experience a healthy, safe, and developmentally appropriate environment to learn, love, and live the game of soccer.

Galway provides club members with year round access to qualified and licensed coaches, opportunities to play at a higher level, and exposure to various venues.

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