Jason has been coaching boys and girls soccer at all age levels from Pre-K to High School for 26 years.  In addition to coaching, he continues to play and is a Town and Club administrator. Jason has been the Vice President and Head of Player & Coach Development for Norwell Youth Soccer for eight years. Prior to that, he was the President who restored the Weymouth Girls Soccer program in the mid 2000’s before moving to Norwell. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Jason coaches two to three teams per season across town (Norwell) and club (formerly United SC, now Galway Rovers).


Having just recently joined Galway, Jason is excited to bring his passion for inspiring a love for the game of soccer to Galway’s Girls’ U15 Division. His philosophy is simple; if his players are still playing at his age, Jason feels he has done his job. This philosophy is reflected in his inclusive mindset, individual/team training regimen, his focus on teaching game intelligence and his approach to game management.

If a child loves the game, they’ll put their heart into it. If they put their heart into it, they will absorb information and reflect that learning in their play with a level of effort that can not be urged or forced. If they give great effort, improve and succeed, they’ll fall further in love with the game… Full Circle.