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November 23-25, 2018

GPS Galway/ Vaughan Azzurri Girls Shine at GPS College Showcase!

Champions of the U18 Girl's Super Group by B.GOOD!

by Alexander Alzaibak

Galway-Canada team.jpg

(Six GPS Galway girls and coach Dan Duran (left) team-up with Vaughan Azzurri (Ontario, Canada) and win the tournament)

"Soccer is a team sport, as we all know. It takes weeks, months, and even years to develop the skill, coordination, strength and endurance for this physically demanding sport. I have watched teams grow together, as one unit, over the course of several years, starting from the elementary school age up to high school. Watching kids work together as a team over a long period of time creates a cohesive and well-oiled team, and it shows well on the field. Over this past Thanksgiving weekend, several Galway girls volunteered to join the Canadian Team, Vaughan Azzurri, in a soccer tournament in Lancaster. I couldn't imagine how this would ever work, seeing as those both sides have never played for or with each other. What I was so lucky to witness from the team was complete teamwork, high levels of skill, and dare I mention, a win in all three games! To watch them play was like watching a team that has played together for years. They did it with great spirit, enthusiasm, and good sportsmanship, as well as braving the elements of cold, wind, snow, and rain. It was a complete pleasure to watch! Coach Iannizzi and Coach Dan kept the girls pushing for each other all weekend. Watching this group compete is the true definition of Team Work and Sportsmanship!"  

- Cathy Craig, Galway Rovers Parent

This Thanksgiving weekend, GPS asked if we had any players who were available to help Vaughn Azzurri's Elite girl's team in the GPS college showcase. The Canadian club based in Ontario, was unable to bring their original number of players to the tournament, and six of our girls were ready and eager to help them. With just eight players from Canada and six of our own, the girls were able to not only blend together and play good soccer, but they ended up as tournament champions. Galway's coach Dan Duran stated "it was absolutely fantastic to see how well these girls from different countries were able to play together, without any prior training or communication. It made for a really special weekend". Coach Giorgio Iannizzi from Vaughn Azzurri also spoke highly of the experience, stating that "it really was a fantastic display of soccer skills and sportsmanship all weekend. It's never easy to win all three games in a top tier showcase; let alone with players that have never played together". He was also very excited to mention that "these memories and life lessons are priceless for everyone involved." Not only are we proud and excited about the results from the tournament, but as a club we are especially proud to see that our players are able to blend well into other soccer programs. This is one of the main components we focus on when we think about our players' futures as collegiate athletes. We want them to be prepared to make an impact, if they go on to play soccer at the highest levels. This showcase is a prime example of what we hope to achieve as an organization; educating and preparing our players for the beautiful game. Well done ladies, and thank you Vaughan Azzurri, for having us!




Pictures from the Showcase

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