dan durAN

Coach Dan has been with the Galway Rovers for the past 8 years. He grew up on the South Shore and played soccer for Hull High School, where he was captain. Coach Dan has three daughters in the program (one at the U19 level, one at the U13 level, and one at the U10 level).  He currently serves as an assistant on both the U19 and U13 girls’ teams.

Coach Dan is actively involved with Hull United Youth Soccer as well.  He is currently in his 13th year of coaching for the Town of Hull along with serving on its board. He served as the HUYS Guppie coordinator from 2011-14 and the HUYS girls' youth soccer coordinator from 2007-2013. He currently serves as Vice President of HUYS. 

the Value of

Club Soccer

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The purpose of club soccer is to provide opportunity for youth players to experience a healthy, safe, and developmentally appropriate environment to learn, love, and live the game of soccer.

Galway provides club members with year round access to qualified and licensed coaches, opportunities to play at a higher level, and exposure to various venues.

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