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Rovers Go to Connecticut for Columbus Day!

U12GE CFC Champs.jpeg

(U12 Girl's Elite celebrate tournament championship win!)

This Columbus Day Weekend, all of our Fall Galway Rovers teams traveled to Connecticut, to compete in the CFC Columbus Day Classic. While the U12 Girl's Elite team managed to bring home some silverware (read more here), our other teams were busy themselves competing at a high level with some of the region's other top talents. All-in-all it was an action-packed weekend for everyone involved!

CFC Tournament Pictures
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20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8324-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8474-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8863-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8692-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8493-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8449-export.
20181007-untitled shoot-DSC_8950-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8520-export.
20181007-untitled shoot-DSC_9121-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8512-export.
20181007-untitled shoot-DSC_9001-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8348-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8367-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8717-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8294-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8432-export.
20181007-untitled shoot-DSC_8894-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8454-export.
20181006-untitled shoot-DSC_8463-export.

(Photos courtesy of Tim Allen)

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